Password Reset Process Change 2020-10-29
  • 29 Oct 2020
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Password Reset Process Change 2020-10-29

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The October 29, 2020 release of Analytics changed the way passwords for users work. Prior to this release, an email address might be associated with multiple users and each may have a unique password. This release changes the password reset behavior such that any password on any user will change all passwords so there is only one per email address, regardless of how many accounts that user has access to.


Sheila has access to three different users associated with her address. They each have unique passwords:

  • Acme, Inc. | User: | Password: ReallyGoodPassword778!
  • Huntsman Group | User: | Password: A-Totally-Different-Password4454#
  • XYZ Corp | User: | Password: Something^Totally^Random88542$

Sheila then resets her user password for Acme, Inc. to be Best!Password!Ever9945%. Now, all three users will have the same password:

  • Acme, Inc. | User: | Password: Best!Password!Ever9945%
  • Huntsman Group | User: | Password: Best!Password!Ever9945%
  • XYZ Corp | User: | Password: Best!Password!Ever9945%

It will no longer be possible to have unique passwords per account for a single email address. If you have a need for separate user accounts on the same multiple passwords associated with one user account (e.g. separate user for API access), a unique email address will be required.


I don't have access to more than one account. Does this affect me?
No. The release only changes the password process for folks with access to more than one account using the same email address.

Why are you making this change?
Passwords should be associated with unique users. Requiring one for each unique user and unique account is overly complex and more difficult to manage for users. This change will make use of password managers easier and sets the groundwork for single-sign-on support which is coming soon in a future release.

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